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Overcoming Eagerness

Your phone rings.  It’s a potential client asking you to submit a proposal for a project she needs done.  Your heart races and dollar signs flash in your head.  You’re on our way to greatness by way of another project.  But then…


An email arrives to your desktop from a current client asking what the status is of this-that-and-the-other-thing.

How to Invite Friends to Follow Your Business’s Facebook Page

Congratulations!  You took the giant leap and started a Facebook page for your business! Now you need to start publicizing it the FREE way!  Here are the steps to follow to invite friends to follow your business’s Facebook page.

The Night Time is Not the Right Time

Night Sky Moon by thisreidwritesMonday-Thursday, 1pm-3pm…  What does this time period mean to you?

Post-lunch nap time maybe?

That’s not quite what we’re talking about, but for those who are trying to not fall asleep at work, social media may be the answer!

If you’re trying to get the biggest audience for your social media campaigns, studies show that 1pm-3pm Monday-Thursday is the best time to get click-throughs for posts on Twitter and Facebook. (Source)  The same study also showed that the night time is not the right time.