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WoW Wednesday – Don’t Regret the Past – Celebrate It!

www.liberalkoshari.comIt’s so easy to rehash the past and think, “What if…?”  Sadly, so many of these thoughts occur when we’re not satisfied with how our life is going.  Dave and I, however, have learned to celebrate all our “What ifs…” because if we hadn’t gone through the negative times in our past, we wouldn’t have the positive times to celebrate, including meeting, falling in love, marrying, and starting our business.

Small business owners often become entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners due to a series of events, which at the time seem like an “unfortunate series of events.”

Tuesday Tip – Bath Crayons Are Great for Kids AND Entrepreneurs!

Last week I got wrapped up in a project I was working on, and I lost track of time.  Rushing, I ran to the bathroom to take a shower before heading out.  Stepping into the water, I couldn’t help but to hope I didn’t have any great ideas while in there, as I was without my trusty “Chubby” notebook and pen.

Bathtub Crayons2And then it hit me.  Bath crayons.

Dress Your eMail Address in a Suit and Tie

Dress-Up-Your-eMail-AddressOne of the easiest ways to make you and your new company appear professional is often overlooked by new business owners: Their email address.  White no expense was spared to make their website spectacular, the simple addition of a ___@yourdomainname email address was forgotten, or worse, deemed unnecessary.