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Remembering to Read

Over the past few months I’ve developed a new morning routine – I pour my cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and review my Hootsuite streams. After I reply and retweet the posts I found interesting, I check my email for new articles from blogs I am subscribed to. While neither activity is reading a highly intellectual newspaper, I believe my parents would be proud. Like them, I am remembering to read.


Sutton Creative Studios is Veteran Owned

I may push some buttons with this post, however in light of all the patriotic American holidays in the summer, I find it important to remind/tell our visitors that Sutton Creative Studios is veteran owned. Whether or not you/we are for/or against the military/war, I don’t believe anybody can disregard the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country. Regardless of the reason(s) the individual enlists, it is important to remember that he/she is leaving behind life as they know it to protect us.

Updated Sutton Creative Studios Website

Today we sigh a BIG sigh of relief! The new Sutton Creative Studios website, although it may not look different, is up and running! Considering the cosmetic differences don’t appear to be significant, some may wonder why we decided to make a change, and what changes we actually made.

To sum it up, the change came from the desire to know more. So many of our clients have WordPress websites which we are constantly editing and adding content to. We already had working knowledge of how to run a WordPress site, however our own site was still the original site we built using GoDaddy’s Website Builder. A great system for beginners, the system didn’t allow for as much creativity and customization as we needed/wanted.

Life is a Journey!

Last night on a trip to the library my son and I noticed a surprisingly large number of people walking and bicycling the streets of our town. On any weekend evening, foot traffic is common with an abundance of shops and restaurants, however it surprised us both to see so many people during the week. After our trip to the library, we decided to do a little detective work and find out where all the people were going.

Bicycle by skippyjonFollowing dozens of people across the bridge of the Great Miami River, we were even more surprised to see hundreds, if not over a thousand, tents set up on the banks. Driving slowly by, we noticed each tent was flanked by at least one bicycle with a number on the back. This was clearly some type of assembly of bicyclists.

Anything You Can Do…

No, we can’t do anything better than you. But chances are, somebody can do the same tasks you do faster/better/cheaper…

I’ve seen a recurring theme with our clients and even our client’s clients since we started our business.  Given an impending deadline, the client says “Yes, I can do that by…” and often that date comes and goes. Well, perhaps I should clarify: the date comes and goes when the task is one that five other people could easily have 

Sharing is Caring

Tiny Present by FazenA couple weeks ago I was sitting on the sidelines at my son’s little league baseball game, when I struck up a conversation with a set of parents sitting next to me. During the course of the conversation it came up that Dave and I had started our own business, and the woman mentioned that she had tried to start her own business but was scared of all the scams she found when looking for work at home opportunities. Without a second thought, I took out my notebook, wrote down the names of the freelancing sites we had used to get Sutton Creative Studios off the ground and gave it to her. This is not the first time this scenario has played out in my life. Sharing is Caring.

The Little Engine That Could Takes a Vacation

306.365 - 11.02.11 - Phone Call by ShardayyyBusiness owners, imagine this:

You’re sitting at your desk with an inbox overflowing with work, your outbox empty, and the phone rings. It’s a prospective client offering you a new project paying more than any of your current projects are paying.

Your heart starts beating rapidly. You want, more than anything else, to take the project and earn more money, but at the same time you’re already losing sleep due to the amount of work you’re not able to tackle in a day. What do you do?

The Devil Won’t Always Wear Prada

Devil Wears PradaThis past weekend I took a break from the hustle and bustle of last week and found myself watching “The Devil Wears Prada” starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. It occurred to me how fortunate we are that none of our (current) clients fall into the “devil” category, and whether or not they wear Prada – who cares?! We don’t!

Sadly, Andy Sachs, the main character, faced a dilemma a lot of new business owners face as well – lack of optimal job opportunities. While they know what type of jobs/projects they would like, either the opportunities aren’t out there, or a lack of experience working such jobs keeps them from winning the project.  In the end, these conditions mean the contractor must accept less than desirable projects and/or clients to keep their bills paid.

Important Points to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

When searching for a contractor in any industry, it’s important to know who your options are and what they charge for their services. The same goes for when you are marketing yourself and your business. While some may not think of a virtual assistant as a specialists, the services we offer and the prices we quote should be analyzed as much as any other contractor you hire.

With that said, I was more than a little bit surprised by the hourly rates and pricing structure I saw when I visited another Virtual Assistant’s website earlier this week. While I appreciated her candidness, I found it unfortunate that any company or individual would sign with her when other, more flexible options are out there.

Following are a few important points to consider when hiring a virtual assistant:

Three Signs You’re Undercharging for Your Services

Rusty Pennies by puuikibeachAs a new business owner, it is very easy to undervalue yourself and the services you offer. Whether due to lack of market research or in effort to build a client base, you may bid extremely low on projects and find yourself working for close to nothing. The good news is, your fees are not set in stone, and you are able to adjust your pricing from one client to the next.

Following are three signs you’re undercharging for your services: