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Infusionsoft Aha Moment #1 – Clean Up Your Tags

This is embarrassing. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner you would think that I would have had my tags on Infusionsoft under more control. Nope, not me. Following another “Aha!” moment this morning, it became abundantly clear that Infusionsoft was telling me “Clean Up Your Tags, Kim!”

Time Tracking for the Small Business Owner

Every other week – at least – somebody tells me that they “tried working at home once but it was too distracting.” I smile, nod my head, and usually reply something along the lines of, “Yes, it can be tough!”

What I don’t usually disclose is that VERY early on in our business I had the same issue. Very quickly I realized I needed to implement a time tracking system to hold myself accountable.

Klout Score: What You Need to Know

Last week I posted a discussion about Klout scores on several LinkedIn groups. From those who responded it quickly became clear that business owners in general have little-to-no knowledge about what a Klout score is or what their Klout score should be.

Shrinkage is Good

No, don’t go there. The shrinkage I’m talking about today refers to the size of our internal contact list.

And in terms of our contact list, shrinkage is good… sometimes…

Before 9am

Shhhh… I have a confession. Despite the official operating hours of Sutton Creative Studios, my work day begins well before 9am. How much before 9am? Well, that’s between me and my coffee maker, however I promise I do NOT mean 8:59.

And if you must know, my work day often ends well after 5pm – however don’t expect me to respond to your emails unless we previously agreed on it.


Because BEFORE 9am and AFTER 5pm are mine.