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Be a Tease

In a recent introductory consult with a prospective client I asked, “What type of teasers do you have?” The gentleman was confused. No, I was not talking inappropriately and suggesting he use racy methods to try to capture the attention of prospective clients. In the manner in which I was speaking EVERY business owner should be a tease.

Virtual Assistant: Cheap Labor or Valuable Team Member?

Sutton Creative Studios is growing our team, and along with growing our team we need to make sure there is a steady supply of work for the team to work on. I enjoy scrolling through proposal requests, so this is one of the tasks I perform (cough cough, despite the fact that I would tell all of you to hire a team member responsible for client development and marketing). Scrolling through the administrative sections on sites like oDesk and Elance it is obvious that there are two ways people view a virtual assistant: cheap labor or valuable team member.

I want to make one thing clear – Sutton Creative Studios does NOT contract out cheap labor. If that is what you are looking for… Go somewhere else. 

No Excuses List

It’s been a few weeks since I shared my time tracking spreadsheet with our readers (if you haven’t requested your copy, click here), and in these weeks I implemented a few new changes for my time tracking. Namely, I’m tracking ALL business related activities whether internal tasks or for clients. As a result of this tracking I have become more productive with my time and have begun developing a “No Excuses List” for my use as well as for the use of our consultants.