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Grounding Small Business Owners

Woooo, what a week!!! Infusionsoft Certified Partner training ended yesterday with a six hour exam, and to say I was exhausted – physically AND mentally – would be an understatement.  Despite my exhaustion, however, it became clear Wednesday morning that grounding small business owners is constantly necessary.

Bite the Bullet

Wow… Two years ago I never imagined writing an article for our blog from an airport terminal. I’m waiting for a flight to take me away for a one-week business trip – another un-imagined moment. Yes, our business has grown fantastically, however for this trip, we had to bite the bullet.

What do I mean? Keep reading…

What is Scrum?

The past three months have seen Sutton Creative Studios performing a variety of tasks for clients, including recruiting. In one of  our candidate searches, we were looking for a Scrum master which left me wondering – What is Scrum?

Where Do Blogs Come From?

I have been asked on more than a few occasions how I am able to write my blog articles. Like, how do I come up with the ideas and how much time does each article take me. Answering this question can be as awkward as when our kids ask us where babies come from, however for our kids we have a medical answer. Where do blogs come from? More specifically, where does this blog come from? My best answer is: The car, the shower, bed… Just about anywhere and everywhere!

In the Bag

Usually when we hear somebody say, “It’s in the bag” they are talking about having secured something big, or at least they think they have. Whether it’s an acceptance on an offer they made, a new job, or a win at a sporting event, saying “It’s in the bag” shows an air of confidence that shouldn’t necessarily be there. It’s almost like counting your chickens before they hatch. As a small business owner, I aim not to get to hyped about what might be coming up unless I have what I REALLY need in the bag already.

Inside Information

Have you noticed that the longer you work with a client, the more rapport you build and the more he/she will share with you? Call all the nitty gritty details “inside information” if you may, but it is your responsibility to keep your mouth shut, for your client’s sake.

Banned from Huffington Post

That got your attention, right? Sutton Creative Studios account has been banned from Huffington Post. Why? I don’t have a clue. I was reading articles, leaving intelligent, insightful and complementary comments, and the next thing I know, BAM. Up on my screen pops a window that says, “Your account has been banned from Huffington Post.”

Saturdays and the Small Business Owner

Saturdays and the small business owner really should be best friends. Why? After a long week completing projects, this is (hopefully) a day when you can concentrate on YOUR business. Yes, you deserve a day or two to relax, however I find Saturday time working on my business to be extremely relaxing – and fulfilling!

Why I’m Not Following You on Pinterest

One of our clients hired a firm (besides Sutton Creative Studios) to set up several of their social media profiles. One of these was Pinterest. Entering his account the other day to do some posting, I was more than a little surprised to see what was in his feed. Needless to say – the other company had performed some questionable acts, which I have been cleaning up. Looking through the profiles I am UNfollowing, I’ve decided to give an overview of why I’m not following you on Pinterest.

Sanity Saving Shortcuts

Some days being a business owner can totally test my sanity. You know, the days when the same client calls eight times because he can’t find something, or contractors are pushing deadlines way too close. It’s on these days that sanity saving shortcuts are a necessity.