Business Consulting

Developing Strategies and Implementing Solutions to Propel Success

With years of experience working in corporate America as well as in their own start-ups, the staff at Sutton Creative Studios has the knowledge and know-how necessary to not only get a business running, but running successfully.

Unfortunately many small business owners fly by the seat of their pants.

Are you one of them?


Here’s how to tell if you’re one of those business owners who is flying without a map:

Map by _marmota•  Your corporate messaging was thrown together in the matter of 5 minutes;
•  Your cousin’s friend’s brother built your website in his bedroom – and it looks like it;
•  You have plenty of leads, however you have trouble securing clients and/or customers;
•  Despite a powerful product/service offering you have trouble keeping your bank account in the black;
•  The services you use to keep your business running are constantly failing;
•  Your staff runs around like clueless monkeys;
•  You have no idea how your marketing is going, IF it is going at all;
•  Your calendar is comprised of a few fast-food napkins held together by a piece of stale chewing gum

Let’s make this simple…

If one or more of the above items apply to you, it’s time you invested in Sutton Creative Studios business consulting.


The business consulting program at Sutton Creative Studios is guaranteed to provide the following (plus more!):

How to Run an Effective Meeting by Nguyen Hung Vu•  Emotional empowerment regarding your business goals;
•  A desire to take immediate action on your action items at the end of every session;
•  Results! We’ll go from Point A to Point B within a pre-determined time frame*;
•  CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) review and analysis;
•  Operational systems review and analysis;
•  Business processes review and analysis;
•  Website (content and design) review and analysis;
 Branding review and analysis;
 Marketing asset review and analysis;
 Social media marketing review and analysis;
•  Lead nurturing program review and analysis;
•  e-Commerce review and analysis;
•  Access to our phenomenal team of virtual assistants, graphic designers and social media managers;
•  Connection and referrals to our vast network whenever possible

*YOU are expected to take action(s) to reach your goal. Failure to reach your goals because you have stalled or dragged your feet is not an acceptable reason for missed deadlines.

**Sutton Creative Studios is always happy to provide additional design and implementation services upon request. Such work will be provided within the monthly retainer rate whenever possible, or at the current rate for any particular service if outside the standard contracted time. For more information regarding our a la carte services please contact us.


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