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Stay the Course or Make a New One

If you are one of our newsletter subscribers, you may have been surprised yesterday to find out that we added twins to our family just over a month ago. Yes, I’m physically exhausted, however mental exhaustion has also become a part of my life in the past five weeks because I now have so much time to think. What am I thinking? Simply put – Do I stay the course or make a new one?

Kids and Clients

Kids and clients…  It occurred to me recently that sometimes they can be very similar. We love them for the joy (cough, cough, or money) they bring to our lives, and get frustrated by all the grey hairs they give. As a parent, I’ve realized there are times when kids and clients needed to be treated in the same ways.

Getting Past Brain Freeze

People Turn Down Free Publicity by WireLizardMy brain is frozen. Yup, I admit it. I’m temporarily stuck because I have brain freeze. You may be thinking, “Brain freeze?” Mmm hmmm… That’s what I said. I’m in the process of writing another article and in writing one sentence there is a word I want to use but I can’t remember what it is. It’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t get it out. This word has had me in a quandary since last night.

What do you do when you have a brain freeze? My suggestion is move on.

Favorite Things: Fall 2013

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a business owner – I’m pretty confident you come in contact with new tools and services on a daily basis. If you’re like me you like to read reviews before you invest time and/or money on new products. Following are my thoughts on a few new (to me at least) products I’ve encountered in the past three months and my favorite things about them.

Windows8Windows 8
Dave bought me a new laptop this summer while I was pregnant with our daughter and it is equipped with Windows 8. My PC has Windows Vista. I am not a fan of 8. Here are some reasons why…

Give Yourself a Break

You’ve been sitting in front of your computer monitor for hours and your eyes are moving in directions you didn’t even know were possible. You’ve started questioning your work even though your ideas were brilliant and your research was solid when you started work at the crack of dawn.

Photo Credit: http://www.midwestlens.com

But now, like the light, your brain has faded. You’re stuck about where to go next, and you question each action you take.

Following Your Passion: Business Mistakes to Avoid

01 215 by Victor1558Every business owner faces his or her own obstacles.  Starting from the moment the idea of starting your own business enters your mind, you’re barraged with questions.  Sure, some of these questions may come from friends or family, however I’m willing to bet that you attack yourself with most of them.