Virtual Assistance

We Help Small Business Owners Find Time to Sleep

When it comes to seeing over-worked, over-committed business owners with too much on their plate, we’ve seen enough!

As a business owner or manager, you know that your pile of administrative tasks never shrinks.

Are you handling any or all of the following tasks yourself?

• Appointment/calendar coordination
• Bookkeeping/Accounting
• Database creation and/or management
• Data entry
• Meeting coordination and/or note-taking
• Microsoft Office document creation and/or maintenance
• Newsletter formatting
• Order fulfillment
• Presentation preparation
• Research and/or reports
• Transcriptions
• Travel coordination

A virtual assistant should be handling these tasks for you.
Think about it: How much more could you be making if you paid a nominal fee to have these tasks completed?

Sutton Creative Studios offers a variety of virtual assistant options to cater to businesses of nearly any size or budget.


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