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Be a Tease

In a recent introductory consult with a prospective client I asked, “What type of teasers do you have?” The gentleman was confused. No, I was not talking inappropriately and suggesting he use racy methods to try to capture the attention of prospective clients. In the manner in which I was speaking EVERY business owner should be a tease.

Infusionsoft Aha Moment #1 – Clean Up Your Tags

This is embarrassing. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner you would think that I would have had my tags on Infusionsoft under more control. Nope, not me. Following another “Aha!” moment this morning, it became abundantly clear that Infusionsoft was telling me “Clean Up Your Tags, Kim!”

Shrinkage is Good

No, don’t go there. The shrinkage I’m talking about today refers to the size of our internal contact list.

And in terms of our contact list, shrinkage is good… sometimes…

Shopping for Your Marketing Team

This past weekend I had an interesting Facebook exchange in response to a post I had sponsored. The topic was social media marketing, and the gentleman said my post sounded like a scam. In the end, he said he doesn’t shop for his marketing team on Facebook, to which I responded to make sure his marketing team knows how to use social media for themselves before he asks them to do it for him. Shopping for your marketing team should never be handled lightly, however just as I told this gentleman, make sure they know social media before paying a retainer.

How We Grew Our Subscriber List 750% in Two Months

Arrows 5 by svilen001Wow, it’s been quite a couple of months. We grew our subscriber list 750% in two months. Yup! TWO MONTHS.

Can you say that?

It was quite ingenious, if I can say no myself. I was redesigning our website (doesn’t it look awesome?) and our boys were quarreling behind me. Sometimes I feel like they are always fighting. Anyway… I told them not to (again), and sure enough they continued.

And it struck me. Tell somebody not to do something and chances are they will.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Picture-Thousand-WordsCome on…  I know you’ve heard it before…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

With this being the case, I am flabbergasted about how many people (our clients included) don’t realize the importance of including an image or video with EVERY Facebook post. A picture is worth a thousand words, ESPECIALLY in social media marketing!

Marketing That Makes Sense

Marketing-That-Makes-SenseAt a recent family barbecue, we noticed our brother-in-law was wearing branded attire for his fire protection business. A nice polo shirt and hat proudly showed off the company logo and for a moment I thought it would be awesome to have branded attire for our business. Then it occurred to me – for us, this wouldn’t be marketing that makes sense.

Business owners should constantly be evaluating their marketing budget and the way(s) in which they are spending their funds. For example, a local coffee shop would probably benefit more from an advertisement in the local high school football team’s program than they would if spending the same amount of money on Google ads with no geographic targeting.

Anything You Can Do…

No, we can’t do anything better than you. But chances are, somebody can do the same tasks you do faster/better/cheaper…

I’ve seen a recurring theme with our clients and even our client’s clients since we started our business.  Given an impending deadline, the client says “Yes, I can do that by…” and often that date comes and goes. Well, perhaps I should clarify: the date comes and goes when the task is one that five other people could easily have 

The Little Engine That Could Takes a Vacation

306.365 - 11.02.11 - Phone Call by ShardayyyBusiness owners, imagine this:

You’re sitting at your desk with an inbox overflowing with work, your outbox empty, and the phone rings. It’s a prospective client offering you a new project paying more than any of your current projects are paying.

Your heart starts beating rapidly. You want, more than anything else, to take the project and earn more money, but at the same time you’re already losing sleep due to the amount of work you’re not able to tackle in a day. What do you do?

Dress Your eMail Address in a Suit and Tie

Dress-Up-Your-eMail-AddressOne of the easiest ways to make you and your new company appear professional is often overlooked by new business owners: Their email address.  White no expense was spared to make their website spectacular, the simple addition of a ___@yourdomainname email address was forgotten, or worse, deemed unnecessary.